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Corpus Christi Songwriters’ sole purpose is to promote, foster and enhance original music in the Coastal Bend. Founded in 2014, CC Songwriters are an extension of Corpus Christi PATCH, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, as a member of their Artist Collective. The focus is to provide resources, education, and a springboard for local songwriters in the Corpus Christi area.

Why the emphasis on songwriting?
It’s a good question and an important one to ask. Think about all of the times your spirit was moved, your life was made better, your perspective shifted because you heard a great song. Not just any song — a song that reached down into your guts and connected with you on a personal level.

Songwriters are an important part of our community because they tell our community’s story. Whether it’s a universal truth or a song filled with local color, these artists help paint a picture of our lives… lingering long after the last note.

During a time when the world feels so divided,
songwriting is the great connector.

One of the most important resources we have is our local network of sponsors and partners. We are working with small businesses, local artisans, and arts-oriented corporations to create a backbone of support as we seek out and nurture the many songwriters in our very own communities.


CC Songwriters Festival has connected local audiences with acclaimed local, Texas, and national singer-songwriters since 2018.

Designed to promote, foster and nurture original songwriting, CC Songwriters Festival will host workshops and intimate performances at various downtown Corpus Christi venues on February 18-19, 2023.

Featuring award-winning songwriters from across the nation, the CC Songwriters Festival is a must for any music lover. This year’s feature performers will include Walt Wilkins, Adam Carroll & Chris Carroll, Michael O’Connor, and many more!

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